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Unfortunately, the calls you are receiving is from medical alert imposters using robo-calls nationwide while claiming to be Life Alert. These are unauthorized, unsolicited, recorded calls that invite you to push the #1 number on your phone to connect to a live sales person. “John” is the most popular automated call that many people are receiving. The recordings sound like a real person claiming that either “someone has purchased a Life Alert system for you,” or that “You qualify for a free Life Alert.” Other calls may say they are calling from a shipping department to confirm a free order or to send upgraded Life Alert equipment. These calls are not made by Life Alert. These are telemarketing scammers trying to mislead and defraud consumers by using our trademarked name to get your bank information. Life Alert does not employ telemarketers or perform cold calls so if you continue to receive a recorded call saying they are Life Alert or the “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” people, just hang up. We know these calls are frustrating; but sadly, we cannot tell you how to stop the calls, since they are not coming from Life Alert. However, we do recommend filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) against the number that keeps calling. To file a complaint with the FTC, call 1-877-382-4357. When you talk with them, please remember to tell them it is a scam call and is not coming from the Life Alert Corporation. Moreover, you may want to call your telephone service provider and have a block placed on that number. Since the calls are being made from disposal phones and web numbers, thus making it very difficult to trace, please know that we are doing everything in our power to notify the public and to find these crooks. Fraud information has been posted on the our website; press releases have been sent to the media to inform the general public of the scam; TV and radio news stations have reported it; the Attorney Generals' offices and the BBB have been notified; and a Fraud Prevention Task Force has been established at Life Alert corporate that has us working with authorities to help with shutting down this nationwide telemarketing scam.

Life Alert

I have received 75 calls from Life Alert in the past 30 days. the phone number is always 909-270-2593.

The recording tells me I have a unit that is already paid for including shipping. I have repeatedly pushed the button to be removed from the call list. Twice I have stayed on the line to ask and both times spoke to the same person who yelled at me and swore when I told him I was on the do not call list. This last time I told him I had seen online that this was a scam and I was going to report him to the Better Business Bureau.

When I told him that he got really rude and Said I was really scaring him.

After that call they have called me three times a day.

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I meant Life Alert, I know the difference. Though the services are all entwined. :(

Stop the calls by signing up on a NO CALL list that blocks telemarketing robo-calls. You can do it on your cell also.

Google it. I even became part of a lawsuit because some got through.

Sorry they couldn't TELL you that, but this company let my grandmother die, so what do you expect. Check your records LifeLine, her name was: Wilma Louise Lawrence and she son longer with us, because you didn't send an ambulance when she PUSHED YOUR LITTLE BUTTON.

Perryville, Arkansas, United States #700377
CROOKS??? I wish that was all I had to say.

My Grandmother ris DEAD FOR TRUSTING THEM!!!!!!!!! :(

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