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Unfortunately, this complainant misunderstood our verbal and written explanation. We do not need a doctor to cancel the system, but if their father goes into a nursing facility or requires 24-hour care, then we would need written confirmation of this. If the person who now lives with the father is his home health care provider, then simply have them fax us a confirmation of this - per the signed agreement.

Regrettably, there have been too many cases where children have cancelled their parents account without the parent’s knowledge or approval because the adult children thought their mother or father didn’t need the service and was wasting their money, only to have their parent suffer a life changing and even fatal emergency. Therefore, policies were put in place and stated in our written agreement to protect our customers.

We would be more than happy to assist this person in canceling their father’s account once appropriate paperwork is faxed to us.

I requested a Life Alert system for my father who lived alone.I have had the systen for 2 years and called to cancel since he no longer lives alone.I was told by the Contracts office I can NOT cancel the contract - it's good until May 2012.

Life Alert stated a Doctor must cancel not me??? I asked why since I'm the daughter and I requested the system NOT a Doctor.

I called my father's doctor and they said they had nothing to do with the system so it's up to me to cancel.

It appears to me that Life Alert is more eager to collect money from its customers than provide good customer support.I am very angry with Life Alert and will NOT provide positive feed back to personnel and plan to contact the Better Business Bureau.

Review about: Life Alert Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Bronx, New York, United States #732996

Today Gaby Gonen topped the "700 sales reps" and declared that he will be giving out thousands of old leads, meaning "expired".He also said that with the CRM system he knows how often and for how long each sales person "beats up" the seniors.

Good info. the American public will love to hear all this.

The dyslectic and bipolar Gaby Gonen has destroyed Life Alert. They advertise on craigslist several times a day but have less than 25 sales reps out of 80 desks available.

New people come, look at the board, see no reps and no sales and don't come back.We don't need to do anything, just seat back, enjoy the show and prepare for the wake.

New York, New York, United States #722950

To: Isaac Shepher

Subject: Isaac Shepher, Gaby Gonen and Ilan Cohen "Operation Clean Turf,"


This is not China or Iran. In our country our constitution gives us the freedom of speech. Since we found out that you had our posts deleted from and put up your bull-*** testimonials we decided to get to the bottom of it and have found this is much more sinister than we anticipated. Consumers rely on testimonials from their peers to make purchasing decisions on everything. By producing fake,*** testimonials you have intentionally scammed our most vulnerable citizens. We have informally contacted the office of the New York Attorney General and waited for his "Operation Clean Turf" release which happened yesterday In your case because of the monstrous crimes against our seniors when most States Attorney Generals will be involved we are sure they will be able to obtain not just heavy fines but long prison sentences.

We will expose you and pissed consumer and other similar websites to the public and show them who you really are. We have enough on you, all your frauds in Israel and here, including when your were selling chairs and have ordered to take a check from a dead man. You have mercilessly cheated on hundreds and thousands of sick and old American citizens. You have caused stress and misery. Because of your greed you have taken...

Very pissed.

Angie Last

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Didn't you know that you agreed to a certain length contract when you signed up?

Parker, Arizona, United States #613080

I am trying to find out what I need to do to cancel due to the fact that the man who had the service passed away and have been transfered 3 times then got an answering machine. The last guy cut me off in mid conversation. I was thinking about getting the service for my mom but their customer servixce sucks and I will not be doing it now


@ anonymous in tampa, fl.Its not about my mother in laws money that concerns me.

It is about the fact that she has found something that she likes better, is cheaper AND now lives with us. She will still have a system to use, not just in the house as with LIE ALERT. But can take this system with her wherever she goes without being tied to the house or a contract. This company is deceitful.

The "installer" who was an *** at best, explained that she was signing a "receipt of equipment" slip. Not a contract. Its deceptive. Now Im sure if you went to the ice palace and bought tickets and signed a piece of paper that they told you was for the reciept of your tickets" but then later told you when you tried to leave that your "contract" states that you must pay them so much money a month for three years in order to leave the building or if you wanted to cancel your "receipt of tickets" slip that you had to pay them $300.

I think you might change your tune. AND if you don't visit the ice palace apply this example to anything in your life that you may have done, are doing, or ever will do.


-Also in Tampa, FL.


With any complaints about Life Alert call the owner: Isaac "BEAT UP THE SENIORS" Shepher










Whoever the second comment on here is they have no ability to think. Why would you need to pay to push a button if that person could just call 911? Retard

to Tyler #716829

what if you REALLY cannot reach a phone but you have this device around your neck and in reach. Now who is the retard.


My mother in law has life alert and has had to use it twice even though she lives with her daughter.Have you ever tried to help a senior up when they have no strength in their legs?

I guess a stroke or fall or heart attack won't happen just because someone is in the home with them. Or maybe you just sit by them 24/7 even when they are sleeping.

Its the children that are more concerned about their money!!!and they should be concerned about their parents!!!


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