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Being the industry leader in personal protraction, Life Alert offers an array of protection packages that can be tailored to one’s life style; we cannot give prices until we know what a customer needs.

Life Alert doesn’t cold call customers; so when someone needs us, they call us. Our representatives treat each inquiry as a call for help. Grateful customers call our reps daily or send in testimonials (as seen on stating how pleased that they subscribed to our service and didn’t wait. Conversely, our sales team has also witnessed customers procrastinating with a purchase until something bad happens. That is why they appear to be somewhat overzealous in their attempt to get information to a person before a catastrophe happens. Once they speak with the customer and the customer states they’re not interested, they are then placed on our Do Not Call list. Our records show that the reps attempted to contact this person but there was no answer. We have since put this person on our Do Not Call list.

In regards to the postcard, it was sent innocently by one of our 85 year old reps who worked in design for most of his life. At no time was this meant to be inappropriate or offensive and he is truly mortified to think that his design has upset someone. Going forward, he will not be sending out any more friendly post cards.
Westminster, Maryland
Customer service

Contacted Life Alert for information.They sent a colorful brochure that contained no information about terms and pricing.

We found this a bit suspicious and lost interest in dealing with the company. And yet, market representatives kept calling, calling, and calling without letup. In addition, they send postcards, inappropriate and offensive postcards (see enclosed picture for an actual example -- it speaks for itself). Apparently, they will not take no for an answer, but try to wear you down, under the presumption that you will finally sign on with them if they will only let you alone.

Ha!This is not an outfit I would trust or do business with.

Reason of review: Sleazy marketing tactics.

Preferred solution: Stop trying to contact us and consider disciplining certain sales contractors..

I didn't like: Marketing tactics.

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